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Link between T1 diabetes and abnormal response to wheat proteins | October 21, 2009

Another great article from Diabetes Health, this time on the “Abnormal Response to Wheat Protein May Provide Clue To Cause of Type 1 Diabetes” by Russell Phillips, PhD. First published Aug 31, 2009:

“In a Canadian study involving 42 patients with type 1 diabetes, nearly half of the subjects had an abnormal response to wheat proteins. Scientists at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the University of Ottawa, who conducted the study, found that the patients’ over-reaction to wheat is linked to genes that are associated with type 1 diabetes. The findings have two implications. First, testing for sensitivity to wheat could be a way of establishing whether a person is predisposed to acquiring type 1 diabetes. Second, people at risk for type 1 might forestall its onset by eliminating wheat from their diet. The presence of wheat generates a response by the body’s immune system in the form of attacks by T cell defenders. The Canadians believe that this constant over-reaction puts a strain on the immune system, eventually unbalancing it to the point that it attacks other parts of the body, including the pancreas.”


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