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These are new to me, but who knows? Nutritian advice for diabetes | October 22, 2009

Following are the general methods to keep diabetes under check.

1. Change the dietary habits to reduce intake of sugar and increase the intake of fibre and vitamins.

2. Enough physical exercise which must include fast walking, at-least for 45 minutes.

3. Keep emotions under check and avoid mental tension and worries to the maximum extent possible.

4. Divide the intake of food into smaller portions at regular intervals.

5. Avoid intake of excess salt, which increases blood pressure and aggravates the problems of diabetes.

6. Intake of food containing magnesium help in production of natural insulin.

7. Juice of bitter melon ( 4 or 5 fruits) taken in empty stomach, helps in reducing blood sugar to a great extent.

Other nutrients are Zinc, B-Complex vitamins. Vitamin C is good in controlling diabetes.

8. Intake of powdered fenugreek along with milk will help.

9. Spinach and cereal fibre also help in fighting this dreadful disease.


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