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Metformin possible cancer treatment | October 30, 2009

Metformin has always been the old reliable for treating new onset type 2 diabetes, but it’s beginning to look like it’s got a new calling as a cancer treatment. Diabetes Health recently reported on the fact that metformin reduces a type 2 person’s risk of pancreatic cancer by up to 62 percent. It’s also been observed that people with type 2 who take metformin have a much lower cancer incidence than those who don’t. Now it appears that metformin can help with breast cancer treatment as well. A study of mice with breast cancer generated from human breast cancer cells has found that they remained tumor-free for nearly three months on metformin combined with doxorubicin, a standard cancer chemotherapy. In mice given only the doxorubicin, the tumors recurred. How metformin suppresses cancer has been unclear, but now researchers believe that they may have the answer.


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