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National obesity week (UK) | November 2, 2009

This week sees a new initiative for drawing people’s attention to keeping excess weight off. Dr David Haslam, National Obesity Forum (NOF) Chairman and Clinical Director explains: “We recognise that before an individual can choose to make changes to their lifestyle, they must first really know if they have a weight problem. Our aim is to find and support the half of the population that believe that their weight ‘is about right’, but are in danger of developing serious health problems or perhaps are already not enjoying the benefits of good health. Clinically, they are not ‘about right’ but are actually overweight or obese.”

The average UK woman is 5ft 4” and if she weighs over 10 stone 7lbs she is clinically overweight; for men, the average height is 5ft 10” and if he weighs more than 12 stone 7lbs he is clinically overweight. Both would have a BMI of 25.2.


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