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Obesity specialist appointed at Sirona Biochem | November 6, 2009

Sirona Biochem Corp. an emerging biotech company focused on drug development for diabetes and obesity, announced today the second major appointment this week to its Scientific Advisory Board, Professor Denis Richard, one of Canada’s leading obesity scientists.

Sirona Biochem CEO Dr. Howard Verrico said, “Professor Richard’s work in obesity is immensely important as obesity is directly linked to the onset of diabetes. Earlier this year, for instance, a team of scientists at Australia’s Monash University* proved a direct link between fat cell activity and the development of Type 2 diabetes.”

“Professor Richard studies the regulation of energy balance. Variations in energy stores, or energy balance, reflect the difference between energy intake and energy expenditure and are generally associated with changes in body weight and variations in fat mass.

“One of the conclusions of the Monash study is that it appears that the more fat tissue a person has the less sensitive they become to insulin. The widely acknowledged primary challenge in diabetes is management of sugar metabolism and that is why sodium-glucose transporter (SGLT) inhibitors show such promise in this regard as undischarged, unmetabolised blood sugars becomes body fat,” stated Dr. Verrico.

Dr. Richard is a Full Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Department of Anatomy & Physiology as well as Director of the Hôpital Laval Research Center. He is also Director of the Centre for Research on Energy Metabolism of Université Laval (CREME-GIRO) and Chair of the Merck Frosst/CIHR Research Chair in Obesity.

Sirona Biochem owns the worldwide product rights to a library of unique sodium glucose transporter (SGLT) inhibitors to treat diabetes and obesity. SGLT inhibitors help block the reuptake of excess sugars from urine, which can then reduce high blood sugar towards normal levels


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