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Should we focus on diabetes treatment, or cure? | November 6, 2009

From Diabetes Health, “One thing that really frustrates people with diabetes mellitus is the biopharma industry’s focus on treatments rather than cures. A cure is what the diabetes community wants, not another band-aid. So the existence of a biopharma company that calls itself “CureDM” is promising, and its first product, Pancreate, seems to be on its way to fulfilling that promise. CureDM started with the information that in most cases, the mass of pancreatic islets drops by 80 percent in type 1 patients and 50 percent in type 2 patients. They also knew from recent research that the adult human pancreas contains an abundance of pancreatic progenitor cells. Like stem cells, progenitor cells have the capacity to differentiate. Unlike stem cells, however, they are not able to become any type of cell. Instead, they differentiate only into their “target” cell, in this case, islets.”


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