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Stem Cells May Help Blood Sugar, Pancreas in Type 2s | Diabetes News Hound | January 13, 2010

Researchers in Australia say they have used stem cells to effectively treat Type 2 diabetes in mice, according to an article in Adelaide Now.

The researchers injected 35 diabetic mice with human adult stem cells and found that the mice experienced reduced blood sugar levels for the following three weeks. The injection also helped repair the mice’s damaged pancreases.

While the research is currently in the pre-clinical trial stage, researchers say that similar injections would dramatically improve the lives of people living with Type 2 diabetes. Researchers say that such a treatment could involve one injection every six to eight months.

Clinical trials are expected to begin within the year. Researchers say the treatment could be available within three years.

via Stem Cells May Help Blood Sugar, Pancreas in Type 2s | Diabetes News Hound.



  1. Great news 🙂 Hope it will bring conclusion to this life threatening disease soon :). Thanks for sharing this, Sue.

    Comment by Diabetes Warning Signs — January 13, 2010 @ 7:19 pm

  2. When someone experiences nerve damage whether caused by a spinal cord injury or other they never know which way to turn or what path they should take. Many doctors will not give you much encouragement, what do you do where do you go. The field of stem cells is the future for nerve regeneration and spinal cord injuries.
    A brilliant scientist working with a botanical extract for the past fifteen years has some great news for you. If you are anyone you know is dealing with nerve damage or any other disease or condition stem cells are the answer. Christian Drapeau released a book in mid December 09 it went right to the best sellers list “Cracking the Stem Cell Code”
    I personal have been on the product for a year and a half and I feel 20 years younger and I do not get sick anymore. I am able to run again and do much more with plenty of energy and mental clarity. I can go on for a long time on what StemEnhance has done for me, but I think you would like to see more. I met Jason Leuck a young gentlemen in early Oct 2009 at a stem cell awareness event. Jason was in an accident about twenty months ago and became paralyzed chest down T4 severed spinal cord. After talking with him he decided to try StemEnhance three days after He started on the product he started to journal live on the Internet if you would like to read what it is doing for him click here.
    Jason will be walking again I am convinced and so is Jason. Let me know how Jason and I can help you.

    Comment by Ray Mumme — January 14, 2010 @ 1:04 am

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