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JDRF & Animas Team up on Artificial Pancreas | Diabetes News Hound | January 21, 2010

Non-profit Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and Animas, a unit of drug-maker Johnson & Johnson, have teamed up to develop an artificial pancreas, according to a recent article published by Reuters.

People with Type 1 diabetes do not produce insulin, the enzyme that regulates the amount of sugar in the blood. They are therefore forced to either inject insulin into the body several times a day or receive a steady flow of insulin via an external, battery-powered insulin pump.

The artificial pancreas is a device that attempts to mimic the functionality of a real pancreas by combining insulin pumps, which feed insulin into the body, a continuous glucose monitor that constantly checks blood sugar levels and software that helps the two work together. While a patient with an artificial pancreas will need to wear both an external insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring device on the body, they will be not have to check their insulin levels or give themselves shots as because the device will release insulin into the body as needed.

The JDRF has been working with academic centers to perfect the artificial pancreas for years. The main hurdle is developing sophisticated software that prevents blood sugar levels from rising too high as well as preventing hypoglycemic events which can be fatal when blood sugar levels fall too low. With this new announcement, the JDRF says it hopes to have a first-generation artificial pancreas ready for regulators to review within four years.

via JDRF & Animas Team up on Artificial Pancreas | Diabetes News Hound.


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