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Why Some Type 1s Are Taking Type 2 Meds | March 8, 2010

Can the drug Metformin, traditionally used by those with Type 2 diabetes, help Type 1 users? A recent blog post from Diabetes News Hound suggests that it can. It seems more and more people with Type 1 diabetes are turning to drugs traditionally used to treat Type 2 diabetes as a supplement to their insulin injections. Since Type 1 and Type 2 share the name “diabetes” but are very different, it is surprising to learn of this trend.

Blog Diabetes Mine attempted to explain this phenomenon in a recent post. The explanation, in essence, is that many people with Type 1 diabetes can also develop “insulin resistance,” a hallmark of Type 2 diabetes. With Type 2 diabetes, the body produces insulin but does not use it properly. People with Type 1 do not produce enough insulin or any insulin at all. Because people with Type 1 can also become insulin resistant, many of them take the drug Metformin because it helps the body make better use of insulin and therefore requires less insulin to be injected into the body. Metformin can also be used as an appetite suppressant to help some diabetics lose weight.

Interesting to know…

via Why Some Type 1s Are Taking Type 2 Meds


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