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Study Explains How Weight-Loss Surgery May Impact Type 2 Diabetes | April 10, 2010

Some information about how obesity contributes to Type 2 diabetes and the potential benefits of weight loss surgery.

While the exact cause of diabetes is not yet known, researchers do believe there is a link with obesity. In recent years, several news reports have claimed that bariatric, or lap-band surgery can reverse or “cure” Type 2 diabetes. While it sometimes resurfaces among those having the surgery, most had attributed the positive results to the weight loss.

However, researchers say weight-loss surgery in rats, which is similar to bariatric surgery in humans, causes biochemical changes in the body, according to an article from UC Davis. The surgery has shown to delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes. These findings should help researchers identify strategies for fighting and preventing the disease and its complications in humans.

The findings show that changes in the hormones made by the gastrointestinal tract may be as important to fighting the disease as the ultimate weight loss. The surgery ends up moving unabsorbed nutrients further along in the small intestines. This triggers the increase secretion of the hormones GLP-1 and PYY, which are known to have a role in insulin secretion and insulin sensitivity.

Forget surgery. That much information is more than enough to put you off your lunch!

via: Study Explains How Weight-Loss Surgery May Impact Type 2 Diabetes


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