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Big Fat America –

January 11, 2010
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This is just a part of a very good article by Michael Maiello — editor of Markets and Intelligent Investing at Forbes: “What we really need, and the food industry hates this, is more disclosure. By all means use pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and genetic modifications, just tell me you’re doing it and I’ll decide on a case-by-case basis what I think is appropriate. The food industry has fought labeling at every turn, arguing, oddly, that if it is forced to say that a product is the result of genetic modifications that people will think there’s something wrong with it. But some people already think there’s something wrong, and it’s not right to slip them products they don’t want to eat.”

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New Type of Rice May Help Control Diabetes | Diabetes News Hound

January 7, 2010
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Researchers at the Korea National Open Society say they have cultivated a new strain of rice that can reduce sugar levels and increase insulin levels in the blood, according to an article published in The Chosun IIBO.

The researchers, who conducted the study on rats, plan to register the rice next year with the Korea Seed and Variety Service. The researchers note that the rice has not been genetically altered or modified in any way so there shouldn’t be a problem with eating it.

The rice also proved to reduce the symptoms of atopic dermatitis.

via New Type of Rice May Help Control Diabetes | Diabetes News Hound.

‘Skinny’ water… gulp!

December 22, 2009
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Can it be true, water that helps you slim down by banishing sugar cravings? Bio-Synergy Skinny Water has less than 10 kcals a bottle, is now available from Tesco, BP, Morrisons, Superdrug, Harrods, Holland & Barrett & other leading stores for around £0.99- £1.49 per bottle.


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Rethinking Carb Counting, Aggressive Blood Sugar Control | Diabetes News Hound

December 22, 2009
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Two practices that were commonly thought to be mainstays of diabetes control – carb counting and aggressive blood sugar control — are getting a second look.

via Rethinking Carb Counting, Aggressive Blood Sugar Control | Diabetes News Hound.

Coffee, Tea, or Type 2 Diabetes? – Diabetes Health

December 16, 2009
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Individuals who drink more coffee (regular or decaffeinated) or tea appear to have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to studies. The authors state, “The identification of the active components of these beverages would open up new therapeutic pathways for the primary prevention of diabetes mellitus. It could also be envisaged that we will advise our patients most at risk for diabetes mellitus to increase their consumption of tea and coffee in addition to increasing their levels of physical activity and weight loss.”

via Coffee, Tea, or Type 2 Diabetes? – Diabetes Health.

Yacon: The Root of Sweetness | A Sweet Life

December 11, 2009
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Every diabetic has a strict hierarchy of artificial sweeteners. For me, Sweet’N Low is firmly at the bottom, cursed by its chemical, saccharine taste. Aspartame-based Equal is next, followed by the top of the artificial sweetener pack, Splenda — made from sucralose, a substance my roommate once described to me –accurately, I later found out — as “chlorinated sugar.”

Given the choice, I’d much rather use something more natural — but despite my experiments with stevia and agave, I’ve never found a substitute to wean me off my yellow-packet habit.

So I decided to try something totally new: Yacon powder — a sugar substitute made from a South American plant whose crisp, tuber-like root is renowned for its sweet taste. Look up yacon (pronounced “ya-cone“) online and you’ll find glowing reviews calling it a pre-biotic, low-calorie, low-glycemic super food.

via Yacon: The Root of Sweetness | A Sweet Life.

Food Insulin Index Predicts Insulin Demand of Mixed Meals

November 27, 2009
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Australian research is leading to a variation on the Glycaemic Index, the food insulin index “The food insulin index (FII) may provide a better way to adjust insulin dose in Type 1 diabetes…. In time, it may also enable us to design diets to prevent diabetes,” says Dr. Jennie C. Brand-Miller, from the University of Sydney.

via Food Insulin Index Predicts Insulin Demand of Mixed Meals.

Portion Distortion: Take Charge! – Diabetes Health

November 26, 2009
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“What matters is not only what you eat, but also how much you eat. But how can you control your portions? Is it possible to have a healthy relationship with food? How can you make sure you are full, but not stuffed?” — more good information from Diabetes Health:

via Portion Distortion: Take Charge! – Diabetes Health.

The Cooking Academy — back to basics

November 16, 2009
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The number of meals cooked in a family home has dropped dramatically; nearly 50% of us used to prepare at least one home cooked meal a day, whereas now only 15% prepare a meal a day for their family. The explanation for this drop can be contributed to society’s growing obsession with time as well as the availability of prepared family meals.


BBC NEWS | Scotland | Highlands and Islands | Diabetics sought for oats trial

November 13, 2009
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Sixty volunteers with diabetes are being sought to eat an oat-rich diet in trials funded by £200,000 from the Chief Scientist Office of the Scottish Government

via BBC NEWS | Scotland | Highlands and Islands | Diabetics sought for oats trial.

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